More companies need to focus away from safe & incremental solutions, towards bold & transformative ones

Hello! I'm Duane Wilson, a Product Designer, Software Developer & Product Manager. I help companies build more innovative products and services


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I provide Product Leadership to companies who are interested in building, or growing, a modern products & design practice steeped in Innovation & Design Thinking.


Design & Products at Founder, Inc.        

Founder Academy is a 10-week, hands-on, mentor driven, intensive launch program designed to take an idea to market or relaunch an existing product with market traction focused on an Innovation Thinking course where we look for 10x better outcomes for founders, investors, users, and society. Our parallel track is focused on CivicTech and using Innovation Thinking in services that help people and governments be more awesome.

We provide access to mentors and service providers as well as host events and provide education to diverse founders IRL and online.