blackout.js Save The Internet


blackout.js is a super simple plain JS snippet designed to help save the free and open Internet.

Blackout The Internet

On July 12th there will be a coordinated "Day of Action" to tell Congress and the FCC that America demands a Free and Open Internet. Join us as we "Blackout the Internet" and bombard the FCC, and members of Congress, to tell them that we demand an open Internet with no arbitrary fees or slow lanes for sites that can't pay.

Install Blackout

Just copy and paste the script tag to your website. Stick it where you want the window to appear, header, footer, etc. The window will take up 90% of the screen, see above for an actual example.

Always display the blackout window

<script src=""></script>

Only show the blackout window on July 12, 2017

<script src=""></script>