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I talk most about building early-stage companies utilizing Innovation Thinking; Topics include extending the Lean Canvas Models, Design Thinking, Entrepreneurship & Building Products Customers Love


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Speaking & Panels

More companies need to focus away from safe & incremental solutions, towards bold & transformative ones

About Me

For the past two years i've run the Founder Academy incubator based in Sacramento, CA. During the prior 20 years I have been a founder, advisor, mentor, and angel investor. I've mentored at the business & engineering programs at UC Davis, NYU Stern, and others. As part of my role at Founder Academy, and as an individual founder, I have reviewed, provided feedback on, and built hundreds of decks & business plans. I've given talks to students, scientists, first-time founders, serial entrepreneurs, and Government leaders on business concepts, pending & new legislation, and building entrepreneurial ecosystems.


Business Fundamentals Courses presented by Founder Academy are an hour long, with a mix of hands-on work and lecture. A course includes worksheets, downloadable slide deck, and handouts. We focus on doing, rather than listing, and as such the course is interactive and participatory. I speak just enough to cover the topic at hand, and then allow for serendipity to take hold, so the class can bond / relate to one another.

  1. Designing your value proposition 1-2 hours
  2. Identifying a repeatable business model 1-2 hours
  3. Designing the story of your business (creating your Pitch Deck) 1-2 hours
  4. Innovation vs Iteration. Building products that matter. 1-2 hours

Keynotes & Talks

from 15-min to 1-hour talks prepared on Innovation Thinking, Design Thinking, and Product Development.


Workshops are 1-5 day long events where a team of 1-3 facilitators leads your organization through a program designed to solve a problem and engineer a solution (Design Sprint), determine what you should be buildng (White Space Analysis), or help your team/company learn to think about how to build it better through Innovation Thinking (Intro to Innovation Sprint & Building products that matter).

  1. Design Sprint 1-5 days
  2. White Space Analysis 1-5 days
  3. Intro to Innovation Sprint 1-2 days
  4. Building products that matter 2 days


Virtual courses are less


Please Inquire


Please Inquire

Panels / Fireside Chats / One-on-One's

I'm happy to participate in conversations covering my primary areas if interest, inc. startup competitions, talks to students, etc. provided that the people presenting/attending is made up of a representative sample of humanity, identity, and skills.

If you are having trouble building a diverse and inclusive presenter list for your event, please ask. I'll be happy to provide names and referrals to amazing people at no cost to you. Check out panelist.co, a new tool i'm building to help poeple build inclusive and diverse panels (for free).

My panel/startup event participation fees range from lunch/dinner/coffee to cash, it really just depends on who you are and what you are doing (and how far away it is from Sacramento, CA).

In doubt? Just ask!

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